Casio Graphing Calculators

This page is dedicated to the Casio Corporation's series of graphing calculators. I currently own two Casios, an fx-7700GB and a cfx-9800G. I have experienced minimal trouble in operating and maintaining either of them. I have also become experienced in programming them. I have successfully programmed Blackjack, Craps, Horse Racing, and other programs.

Casio FX-7700GB
I bought it in 1994 for my Trigonometry class. It has given me much insight into mathematical functions (as well as a few hours of entertainment.) The picture is of a integration graph. It is of the equation f(x)=x^2-1 from 0 to 2.
Display: 96x64 pixel monochrome display; 16x8 character text mode.
Batteries: 3 Lithium CR2032 main batteries, 1 Lithium CR2032 backup battery.
Memory: 4,164 bytes.
Graph types:
Casio CFX-9800G

I received this one Christmas Day 1995. It has been my calculator of choice since then. It has much more memory and many more graphic functions.
The picture on the right demonstrates the finding of the derivative of a function at a point. The left-right buttons control the orange cross.
The picture on the left shows the text mode of the CFX-9800G. What is displayed is Blackjack, the first program I created on the Casios (1994.) On the CFX-9800G, it is part of a larger games package.

Display: 96x64 three-color display; 16x8 character text mode.
Batteries: 2 AAA main batteries, 1 Lithium CR2032 backup battery.
Memory: 24,000 bytes
Graph types:

Program name Year created Author Comments
Dice Subroutine 1995 Greg Gollinger This is listed as Prog 0 in dice-related programs.
Blackjack 21 1994 Greg Gollinger
Blackjack Dice 1995 Greg Gollinger
Craps 1995 Greg Gollinger
Chuck-A-Luck 1995 Greg Gollinger
Groan! 1996 Greg Gollinger
Horses 1996 Greg Gollinger
Over & Under 1995 Greg Gollinger
Vector Analysis 1996 Greg Gollinger
Quadratic Equation 1994 Greg Gollinger This program is not necessary on the 9800's.
Prime Number Finder 1995 Greg Gollinger This is a very slow program.
Biorhythm 1995 Greg Gollinger No guarantees!
Riemann Sum 1998 G. Gollinger Read the note before running.

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