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This is a script (with a few supporting files) written in Perl, that I hacked up one evening to automate creating my .signature files. See, I have a lot of .sigs. Like, well over a hundred. And most of them differ only in a quotation at the end.

So, I slapped this together to auto-create them. It's not pretty, it's not elegant, and it's probably not the best code I've ever written. It does, however, work, which is the most important attribute.

How to use it

First, download and unpack it. Copy the files somewhere (I keep mine in ~/sigman). Edit the 'sigbase' and 'quotes' file to suit yourself, and add any 'fixed' .sigs to the 'fixed' subdirectory. The details of the file formats are described in a README file included in the tarball.

If you'd like the .signature files to be automatically symlinked somewhere after being build, edit the Makefile and set that directory in the LINKDIR variable (and uncomment it, of course). Then, once everything's done, simply run 'make' to toss it all in place. The symlinking will overwrite any files in the LINKDIR with the same name as the files generated, so some caution is in order.


Though it's both pretensious and preposterous to add a version number to so simplistic a hack, you can download the 1.0 release here.

The chances of future releases are fairly low, since it does everything I need, and I can't imagine anybody using it enough to be pushing its limits. Still, if you find it useful, and have something you'd like to add, you can always email me, and maybe I'll do something about it. If you have patches to implement your improvement, I may even bother to cut a new release with them in it sometime.