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Who let you in here?

The mere fact that you're reading this proves that the world has, in fact, ended. If it hasn't, then just between you and me, you really need to find something better to do with your time.

Regardless, you're here, so you may as well dig around; you can probably find SOMETHING here of interest.

Where the hell am I?

This is Matt Fuller's little cubbyhole on the 'Web.

In the end, I guess, all (personal) webpages fill the same goals. It's not about artistic integrity, or disseminating information, or self-expression, or advertising, or ego, or purity, or sanctity, or individualism, or any number of other words. It's about... well... I dunno. Something, anyway. It's about something. Yes. That's it. Something. And in honor of the pursuit of that something, here's my page.

Um, yah. Here, try Prozac. So what do I DO, anyway?

Depending on how well your browser follows standards, there's a bunch of links either off on the right, or down on the bottom. They pretty much cover most of what's here, from info about me, to my friends' pages, to my collection of links, my projects page, etc. This ain't the Ritz; you'll have to help yourself.

Since time immemorial, my page has sported a wonderful picture of some big, tempting, juicy, captivating bare breasts. Politically correct or not, it's simply one of the things my page must have to be my page.