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Matt is pretty much just your average computer geek. He fiddles with Unix systems, IP networks, various programming languages, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He does all that stuff professionally, and is just too damn lazy to try and learn something else as a hobby, so he does it all for fun as well. He also loves referring to himself with third person pronouns.

He graduated from Archbishop Spalding High School (who have an utterly wretched webpage) in 1996, and was a student at Westminster College until 1997. Since then, he's come to grips with the fact that you learn a lot more, a lot better, and a lot faster by doing than by listening to a bunch of people expounding in a vacuum about how they think things should be done. Sitting in a classroom taking impersonal notes is OUT. Working on real stuff in real situations with real personal assistance from somebody who really knows the stuff is IN.

Since leaving school, he's worked at a number of places, mainly in the realm of Unix systems and IP networks, with bits of programming, scientific computing, web development, and other goodies, thrown in for good measure. He spent several years working in the ISP industry, and presently does consulting on system/network administration, custom programming, and web development, both independently and subcontracting through several companies.

On his personal time, he does random bits of scripting and programming in languages like C and Perl and PHP, studies systems and network architecture theory, reads a wide range of literary genres, watches movies, drinks wine, MUDs, and all the other things persons of the geekly persuasion do. He has a page devoted to some of his past and current projects that you can browse if you're interested.

Matt reads his email religiously, you can reach him at <>. If you don't feel comfortable sending a plaintext message, Matt has both RSA and DSA PGP keys available. His resume is also accessible online.