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Copyright and usage information


This website is Copyright ©1996-2022 Matthew D. Fuller. All rights reserved.

All art works on the page are the property of their original creator.


Though it's perhaps redundant, since I can't stop you, you are more than welcome to link to any content I have here. I can't promise that everything will always remain in the same place; occasionally, some pages might move around a bit. I try very hard to avoid causing or falling victim to linkrot, and in the event that I HAVE to move something, I will generally leave a redirect page for a while at least. Link higher up in the tree to make it less likely that you'll get bitten.

Reproduction of content

Reproduction in full in online forms is discouraged; please just link to the originals. Short quotation of the full form is permitted; however, you should provide a link to the full original text.

Reproduction for non-commercial and non-profit purposes is permitted free of charge, on the condition that full credit is given, and a reference to the original source (this page) is made.

Reproduction for commercial or for-profit purposes is forbidden, except by explicit agreement. This doesn't mean I'm unlikely to enter into such an agreement. It just means you will need to contact me to work out an arrangement for it.

Stylesheets and Artwork

My stylesheets are the end product of years of blood, sweat, and tears, of thousands of hours of grinding hard work, and endless toil. Fortunately, not much of it was mine. If you can extract inspiration, you're welcome to use them as models and examples. For that matter, take the whole things and use them verbatim. Insert cute little comments into your stylesheets crediting me if you do so.

If you choose to use my stylesheets, or any of the images on my page, please make a copy and store it on your server, rather than loading it off mine. It's suggested (though by no means required) that you send me an email if you do so, just to let me know.