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Stuff, stuff, stuff

So, this is where I show off stuff I've done. So it's a bit bare right now. I've been too busy writing my webpage to get anything else done ;). Let's see what we can pull off.

Current and Ongoing projects

These are the projects that I'm currently either working on, or plan to continue soon. Assuming I get sufficiently round tuits. Works-in-progress, as it were. Some, perhaps, will always be so, but that happens. It's part of the mystique of life, after all.

  • libcidr is a library for doing all sorts of manipulation on IP addresses and netblocks. It makes it easy to parse addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), twist them in various ways, implement ACL's, etc.
  • libpostal is a comprehensive all-encompassing all-singing all-dancing email manipulation library.
  • SGML is a collection of SGML DTD's and associated files (like DSSSL specs) that I've ended up writing to fill needs I've had that haven't been easily fillable otherwise.
  • perl: perl modules I've rubbed my greasy little hands over.
  • bgrot is a simple Perl/sh script suite that handles your X background. The current versions are pretty much done. Also up is a pre-release snapshot of bgrot V2, which is a rewrite into C to support a lot of other goodies.

Completed and Trivial projects

These are things that are either essentially Done For All Time (i.e., in pure maintenance mode), or things so basically trivial that they can be considered no-longer-in-progress. Or, sometimes, just abandoned due to my need for them passing and them falling off the bottom of my endless TODO. Still useful, though; I use these things every day.

  • cvsmail: A reasonably simplistic and very easy to install set of scripts to automate CVS commit mailings.
  • dinfo: A script to grub through DNS for information about a domain.
  • fread: An interactive precision file reader. Simple, yet sophisticated. Easy, yet powerful. Shaken, yet stirred.
  • gencgi: A simple yet (IMO, anyway) elegant parser-generator to create single-purpose, tightly-coded CGI GET request parsers for C programs.
  • HTBM is the HyperText Bookmark Manager. It's a work-in-progress to make a nice clean web-based bookmark manager. Yeah, I know there's a hundred of them already. Don't like any of 'em, so I'm went my own way. It's basically functional, but never became important enough to polish out toward supremely useful.
  • pwd_unmkdb: A program to recover your FreeBSD /etc/master.passwd file from the /etc/spwd.db hashed database version.
  • sigman: A quite simplistic and brute-force approach to managing a lot of very similar .signature files. Ugly, but it works for me.
  • tcshrc: My uber-.tcshrc. It auto-configures itself for a wide range of environments.
  • twmrc: My uber-.[c]twmrc. It uses a Perl preprocessor to auto-generate the config file elements for the TWM menu. For most people, not too useful perhaps, but to those who (like me) have a very large and intricate set of menus, it's useful from a maintenance perspective.


And finally, my hacks on other people's code. This is pretty much an afterthought; these are changes I made for me that I later realized other people might find useful. Generally pretty rough-cut, but workable.

  • Mozilla: A patch to Mozilla (more specifically, to Firefox) to make it not internally cache DNS lookups (and other patches to come).