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Passport to the world

Links. Ah, yes. One must have links, right? Links are the threads which tie together this twisted Web we weave. Web is such a good word for it, really; it's not a string, it's not a sheet, or a spiral, a plane, a space, a continuum, a tesseract, or any other of the myriad forms of organization. A web, at its base, is just a bunch of points, connected to each other.

It's not the number of points, or the strength of the points, that supports the whole structure; it's the interconnections. Together we stand; divided we fall is cliche, to be sure, but things don't get to be cliche without a grain of truth. Links are what make the Web a web; without them, it'd just be a bunch of islands sitting around, none of which are known to anybody but their owner.

But enough ponderance. Let's see what I can do for my contribution to the World Wide Linkage.

Links pages

  • Links to me: A list of people and places that have (to my knowledge) linked to my webpage(s).
  • My other lives: The doings of my alter-ego's around the world.
  • OS List: A list of operating systems
  • Webdev: My web development-related links
  • Unsorted CS: A big glob of the rest of my CS-related links
  • Humor: Buncha funny links
  • Catchall: Everything else, until I factor things better