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And he's off!

Ooh, I hope you're wearing asbestos! This is Matt's repository of rants, raves, speeches, introspections, inquisitions, pontifications, rationalizations, expostulations, examinations, and a host of other important-sounding words. This is updated approximately "Whenever I fly off the handle about something new," which occurs with fair frequency.

Ex-CUSE me? Why on earth?

Well, I rant. Like, a lot. It comes from several factors. I have a certain set of beliefs about How Things Should Be, and I'm very passionate about them. I've spent a lot of time thinking about them, and I try to live by them. I'm also a very stubborn person, and I like fighting lost causes.

Add all them together, and you end up with a very combustible mix, and a person very susceptible to going off on long-winded rants concerning just about anything. There's a number of rants that are fairly typical for me, so what I've decided to do, is just type up any rant I go on more than a few times, and post it here. That way, I can at least grace my listeners (rather, non-listeners) with a URL, and they can read or ignore the rant much quicker than if I have to re-do it every time.

It also provides this page with some much-needed content, and provides a paper trail if I ever change my mind about something and need to feel appropriately ashamed. The chances of such a thing happening are, of course, left as an exercise to the reader.

Right! Let the ranting begin!

So, without further ado, let's really muck things up! Rants, rants, everywhere; when we publish, does anyone care?

  • General

    BSD for Linux Users

    The differences between BSD and Linux aren't just surface things that happened accidentally; they're the result of different philosophical and developmental processes. This is an attempt to explain why and how BSD works, aimed at Linux users. Still something of a work-in-progress, like everything.

  • The Windows Set

    Windows is one of my favorite topics to rant on. These aren't all directly about Windows, but they have applicability to why I think Windows is a bad idea.

    Why Windows Causes Stupidity

    A careful (and, hopefully, non-emotional) explanation of the damage that Windows is causing this industry, and how it's doing it. This is a work-in-progress; there are many other ways this essay could be developed that it hasn't (yet).

    What User Friendly Really Means

    An examination into the real meaning of the common phrase "user-friendly", the things that really posess it, and how to apply it to products.