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People still use perl?

Yes. Try and keep up, now.

What I do in perl

Well, a lot, actually. In fact, if you're seeing this web page right now, it's because I did some perl, since the code generating the page is written in perl (see About This Page). But most of what I do isn't sitting here for download.

But some things at least are.

Such as...


CGI::Struct is a module to build data structures from CGI query parameters. This is similar to what PHP does with building arrays, but in a more perl-ish way. For instance, perl has both arrays and hashes and distinct structures; this encompasses that.


Device::CableModem::Zoom5341 lets you grab signal stats from the Zoom 5341 cable modem. That's... well, that's about it.


Device::CableModem::Zoom5341J is pretty much the same as above, but for the 5341J model (8x4, versus the 4x4 of the G/H models that the above supports).

Is that is?

For now. Maybe I'll bash some of the other things I have sitting around into some sort of shape for sticking up here...