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An email manipulation library


libpostal is a project-in-progress to develop a suite of libraries for email manipulation. It's current focus is to finish a library that handled all the gritty details of mail access, be it POP, IMAP, MAPI, mbox, Maildir/, etc, both the getting of mail from the repository, and (for those that support it), the saving of mail into the repository.

This project is hosted at SourceForge, where more people than just me can work on it. Thus, this information may be out-of-date. See the main libpostal project page for the latest information and downloads.

Current version

libpostal is not "released" software in the traditional sense. It's still very early in its development cycle. From time to time, development SNAPshots are made available. libpostal-SNAP6.tar.gz is the latest SNAPshot available. Specific information is available in the README and related files in the distribution. This is not code that's intended to be production-ready; this is a early-development SNAPshot intended to allow early-adopters to start developing against the library, and to let the world at large see where the library is going, and start planning how they can benefit from it.

Archived versions

Older versions of libpostal are available, for no reason other than the pure hell of it. The entire history is available through CVS. See the main project page for details.