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One man, many lives

Despite what everybody else (including me!) knows, I don't just live where I live and do what I do. I apparently lead a number of secret lives, doing all sorts of weird things, some of which I disagree with!

Who knew?

It's kinda fun, sometimes, to do searches for yourself on search engines. It's even common enough that there's a name for it: egosurf; an appropriate nomenclature if there ever were one.

But more fun (for me, anyway) than finding my own stuff was finding all the other weird-ass people who have stolen my name for their own nefarious purposes. So, I figured I'd compile a list :)

Where's Matt-aldo?

Enough already!!

Well, there's plenty more me's around. One made the honor roll at Westover School, wherever that is, in 2000. But really, who cares? I think we've covered quite enough me's already, don't you?