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Random musings, and idle wanderings

So, this is my catchall page. Despite the name, it doesn't randomly select a link and pass you through to it, sorry. I know you're heartbroken over it. Sadly, however, I am the one engaging in the randomness here. We've got some humor. Games. Diversions. Trivia. The world around you. All that stuff.

Thus, without further ado, let's get into the swing!

  • It's very important for your mental sanity that you MUD. I recommend Aardwolf as an excellent choice.
  • Comics, comics, comics. Everybody reads web comics. User Friendly. Sluggy Freelance. Kevin & Kell. Waiting For Bob. The list is endless, and it only gets better as you go down it.
  • Ever look at the stars? Wonder what's where up there, and why we call it what we do? Well, wonder no more! Just visit The Constellations Website, and be treated to a virtual menagerie of information. All kinda of trivia, back to the original myths after which constellations were named. This is the kinda stuff I love. It's neat. It's unusual. It's totally useless. It's cool.
  • The Barney Fun Page, featuring everybody's favorite Big Stupid Dinosaur. This is the oldest link I have. The first page I ever linked, and it's still here and still going strong. It's good to have some continuity on such a transient medium as this Web of ours is.
  • Spam is a completely useless site, full of random bits of SPAM-related (the alleged food, not the unsolicited email) nonsense. God, I love the Web. Before the Web, would anybody put this much effort into maintaining such a whimsical, trite, meaningless, and totally... Er, nevermind. Stupid question.
  • Heck, why not? The Weather Channel! We're all geeks, we never LOOK out the window, much less go out into that big scary room with bad temperature control. We have to have SOME way to know what's happening climatically so we can start stocking up for the next Ice Age in time.