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Web development links

You've seen my About this page blurb. Or maybe you haven't, who knows? This is a collection of links to sites of use to the erstwhile web developers among us. If you're building big sites for big contracts, you already know this stuff (at least, you should), so there's no reason to be here. Otherwise, you may not. These are resources I've found to be good and wholesome and useful and stuff.

  • The obvious starting point is the World Wide Web Consortium, who define what the standards are. Pay attention, damn you people. Web developers, and browser designers alike. Follow the bloody standards.
  • A List Apart is a staggeringly wonderful site chock-full of articles on the whole field of web design, from usage of the technologies, to user interface theory, to examinations of the business of web design, etc.
  • WebDesign-L is an excellent mailing list about web design. Very high-content.
  • The HTML Writer's Guild is a formal association of web developers. They have an excellent page of resources about a number of aspects of web design.
  • is Jakob Nielsen's site dedicated to usability. Lots of good stuff here about designing pages in such a way that they're usable and useful.
  • The CSS Pointers Group is a big page devoted to CSS info. A fairly good quantity of useful information on using CSS is available here.
  • The Web Standards Project is a group of people fighting to try and get the browser manufacturers to write browsers that actually follow the published standards.
  • Here's a big cross-reference chart of HTML tags. Neat tool to have around.
  • DesignBrand has a nifty online color swatch thingy that lets you fiddle with color schemes. Unfortunately, it requires JavaScript to be enabled to work.